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May we introduce ourselves?

We are an Indo-German family and have been living in the western Indian city of Pune (Poona) since twenty years. Working as journalist and as teacher of German both of us have aquired experiences in adult education and are familiar with modern ways of training.




Rajashree Tirumalai-Hoerig

Teacher of German in adult education

cultural consultant







Rainer Hoerig

Correspondent for print media and radio

photograph, cultural consultant













Globalisierung ist keine Einbahnstraße


Frankfurter Rundschau, 25. Juli 2006



Interkulturelle Kompetenz beflügelt den Geschäftserfolg

Deutsch-Indische Wirtschaft 02/2006

Indo-German Chamber of Commerce, Juli 2006



Auto-Boom in Indien

Sonderbeilage Indien

Financial Times Deutschland, 24. April 2006



Sympathie-Magazin: Indien

Studienkreis für Tourismus und Entwicklung

März 2005



  Home consultancy

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