cultural knowledge

social competence

language capabilities


  Home consultancy












Intercultural behaviour patterns in office and at home


Presentation: contents and aims of this course


Group debate: An exemplary case of intercultural conflict and possible solutions

Participants discuss reasons for conflict and some solutions


Lecture 1: India is different!

Caste system

Family structure / position of women

Feudalism and paternalism

Diversity of religions and cultures

Verbal and non-verbal communication

Concept of time



Obeying the Law

Form: Powerpoint-Presentation, group discussion of case-studies


Lecture 2: Areas of intercultural conflict

Misunderstandings through language


Working independently

Thinking and acting in hierarchies

A No is not always No

Appointments, Dining

Form: Presentation, roll-play, participants exchange experiences and discuss them


Lecture 3: Behavioural patterns in different cultures

Business etiquette

Leading negotiations

Handling your staff – juniors and superiors

Handling your staff at home

Conflict management

Verbal and body language


Dealing with the bureaucracy


Form: Presentation with the help of diverse media, case-discussion





  Home consultancy

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