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Haven't you ever wondered whether your Indian partner meant "yes" or "no" when he or she gently swung his/her head from side to side?

India is a world on its own. During 5000 years of history this civilisation developed its own genuine values and patterns of behaviour.

A working knowledge of Indian customs and traditions facilitates your participation in Indian business life and shortens your way to success.

We enable you to understand India better. You will gain confidence in your parters much quicker.

Let India fascinate you!



This website presents information about FitforIndia.

We counsel managers and experts in their preparations for a working period in India. We specialise in german-speaking clients looking for a new home in Mumbai or Pune.

We would like to explain to human resource managers and expatriates why it is important to understand cultures and traditions of your host country, und how sympathy for your hosts facilitates your success in business.

Here, your intercultural trainers introduce themselves: Rajashree and Rainer Tirumalai-Hörig.

We project an example of an intercultural management course in its sequence and its contents.

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